Be afraid, be very afraid

17 May

So, it seems there is no upshot for plant production with our earth’s rising CO2 levels. Plants use CO2 to build themselves, and for a while researchers thought that maybe with more CO2 in the atmosphere, plants would have an easier time growing, and whamo, we’d have more food.  A recent study found this is not the case. It looks like the increased CO2 actually has the opposite effect, making it harder for plants to absorb nitrogen and thereby reducing their production of carbs and proteins. This is no good for the billions of us that rely on plants for food and to feed our food (if you happen to eat meat).  What’s more, it’s not very good for the plants either.  Surprised? I didn’t think so.


I dare you to find something cooler.

14 May

Go ahead, click on the picture, watch the video and be amazed.

Yes, hello there.

13 May

This is my first post. That it is. Kikkles is my nickname – pronounced “keekles.”  When I was a toddler I learned to spell my name, Nikki, but couldn’t get the N, so I made a K. Kikki evolved into Kikkles. Such is the mind of a 3-year-old.  Here’s a picture for your pleasure…

Cinder the Hairless Chimp

Gorgeous Eruption

13 May

Iceland Volcano by Sean Stiegemeier

Thank you Sean Stiegemeier for exposing the beauty of this natural event.  Forget news on flight disruptions, show me the earth dammit. That shit is hot.